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JRWC Woodcarving Competition 2018

Download Competition Entry Form Download Competition Categories Download Competition Rules Important Dates to Remember Bring in your entries at Woodcraft on Thursday, April 19 (2 to 5 pm) & Friday, April 20 (1 – 4 pm) Judging is held on April 20, at 5:00pm Woodcarving Competition and Show open to public on April 21.  Come see the results.  Free admission. Take home you entries on April 22.


1.   PYROGRAPHY:      Wood   burning.     The   burning   or   incision   through   heat   of   a   pattern   that   is   the   principle   subject   of the   piece.   Example,   a   picture   burned   into   a   plaque   is   acceptable.      A   carved   piece   with   burned   details   is   not acceptable. 2.   FOUND   WOOD:     Any   subject   that   is   carved   in   wood   in   its   natural   and   unaltered   condition   –   commonly   thought of   as   driftwood,   dead   falls,   cottonwood   bark,   cypress   knees,   slab   wood   (discarded   portion   of   a   tree   when   it   is   sawn into lumber), pine knots and etc. 2.1 COTTON WOOD SMALL: will fix into a box (11” X 6” X 3”) 2.3 COTTONWOOD  LARGE: larger than a box (11+” X 6+” X 3+”) 2.5 OTHER FOUND WOOD 3.   ORNAMENTAL:      The   object   of   this   category   is   intended   for   those   carvings   which   are   decorative   in   nature,   but may   be   functional   such   as   signs,   jewelry,   carved   boxes,   dolls,   etc.      This   category   may   include   entries   not   meeting the definition of any other category or non-wood carvings (i.e. golf/ soft balls, antler, resin, etc.). 3.1 WILL FIT: into a box (11” X 6” X 3”) 3.3 LARGER:  than a box (11+” X 6+” X 3+”) 4.   CARICATURE:      May   be   any   subject.      May   be   in   the   round,   relief,   natural   finish   or   painted.      Caricature   exists   in many forms and is acceptable in any form. 4.1 SMALL: carvings between 2 and 6 inches in any direction, excluding the base. 4.3 LARGE: carvings greater than 6 inches in any direction, excluding the base. 4.5 GROUP: 2 or more subjects on the same base. 5. ANIMAL:      Mammals,   reptiles,   insects,   fish,   etc.      May   be   in   the   round   or   relief.   :   Represents   the   true   form   of   the subject as found in nature. 6. BIRDS:  All avian species. May be in the round or relief. Realistic 7. HUMAN SCULPTURE: May be in the round or relief. Realistic 8. STYLIZED:   Prominently features the stylized form of the subject. 8.1 ANIMAL STYLIZED: Mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, & Birds 8.3 HUMAN STYLIZED: The form may be fully clothed or nude. 9.   RELIEF:         Generally   described   as   a   “picture   in   wood”.      The   forms   or   figures   may   be   raised   or   incised   into   the wood.  Relief carvings of an abstract nature may better be placed in the “Abstract” category. 10.   FUNCTIONAL:      Utilitarian   in   nature.   Items   maybe   unpainted,   natural   finish   or   painted   and   have   painted   or unpainted decorations added to the surface. 10.1 NON-EATING:  Walking sticks, canes, toys, non-eating utensils, decoys & Decorative utensils 10.3 EATING:  Eating utensils or treenware.  11.   CHIP   CARVING:      The   incision   of   a   pattern   or   design   into   the   wood   by   removing   a   series   of   precise   chips   to form an engraved design lower than the surface.  The resulting design may be positive or negative in nature. 12. HOLIDAY / RELIGIOUS: any carving pertaining to a religious or holiday theme 12.1   HOLIDAY:   Carvings   pertaining   to   a   non-religious   holiday   theme   such   as   Santa’s,   Easter   bunnies,   Jack- O-Lanterns and flags. 12.3   RELIGIOUS:   Carvings   pertaining   to   a   religious   theme   such   as   Bible   figures,   angels,   menorahs   and crosses. 13. MINIATURES: any carving not greater than 2 inches in any direction, excluding the base. 14. UNDER ADVISEMENT / ROUGH OUTS: Carvings that were completed with the aid of or in class of a professional instructor or carving that were made using a manufactured rough out blanks.  Carvings may be in the round or relief, unpainted, natural finishes or painted. Carvings should be primarily wood and hand carved, not turned. This category is not eligible for “Best of Division” awards. However, first, second and third place ribbons will be awarded. 15.   YOUTH:   Anyone   under   18   years   of   age   by   the   show   date.   Carvings   must   be   done   entirely   by   entrant   and within the last 2 years. Youth will be judged against other youth only. 16.    Miscellaneous:   non-wood   carvings   (not   eligible   for   Best-in-Show),   abstracts,   and   any   subjects   not   covered   in the above categories.


1. The JRWCA carving competition is open to all carvers and unlimited entries. All entries must be solely carved and finished by the artist (except for category #14) and completed since January 1, 2016. Previous ribbon winning carvings in JRWC competitions are not eligible for judging. JRWC reserves the right to refuse any entry that, in their opinion, is offensive. Only THREE (3) carvings in each category are allowed and only ONE (1) division per carver. By registering, the carver agrees to abide by all JRWC competition rules. 2 . There will be three (3) divisions of skill for this competition: a . Novice   (Any Apply)   –   Carving   less   than   5   years   or   carved   less   than   20   pieces   or   has   not   win   Best- of-Novice  in other competitions c . Intermediate    (Any   Apply)-    Carving   more   than   5   years   or   carved   more   than   21   pieces   or   has   won Best-of-Novice ribbon in any competition or demonstrator at club events or sell at local craft shows. d . Open     (Any   Apply)     –    Prior    Intermediate    Best-in-Show    winner    or    serious    carver    with    extensive experience   or   teacher   of   carving   classes   or   demonstrator   at   major   events   or   sell   pieces   at   art shows/galleries or published in national carving magazines. 1 . Fees   for   entering   carvings   into   the   competition:      Members   are   $2   per   entry   up   to   a   maximum   of   $10.     Nonmembers   are   $10   for   unlimited   entries,   Youth-members   are   free   for   unlimited   entries   and   Youth- nonmembers   are   $5   for   unlimited   entries. A   late   fee   of   $5   will   be   assessed   for   registrations   received   within 1 hour of entry closing. 2. Registration begins March 1, 2018. Receipt of entry form & money will be giving by email only. 3 . Mail entry forms to:  Make checks payable:   James River Woodcarvers . JR Competition 2018, PO Box 29432, Henrico, VA  23242 1. Carving check-in times at Woodcraft will be Thursday, April 19(3 to 7 pm) & Friday, April 20(1 – 4 pm) before the judging begins. Entry numbers will be assigned at this time. All carvings must be received at the competition site no later than 4:00 pm on the Friday of judging.  No exceptions will be made for late entries. 2 . Judging   will   commence   at   5:00   pm   on   Friday.   Carvings   will   be   judged   by   a   panel   of   three on   design,   technical   difficulty,   skilled   execution,   surface   finish,   and   final   presentation. Ribbons may not be awarded in all categories as determined by the panel of judges. 3. Entrants are responsible for placing their entry in the appropriate category. However, the judges, at their discretion may move a carving (with the Show Committee Chairman approval) to a more appropriate category within the divisions or a diffident division and category. The judge’s decisions are final. 4. Youth entrants will be judged against other youth. 5. All ribbon winners must be left at the Woodcraft Store for public display Saturday.  Carvings may be picked up on Sunday afternoon.  6. Show committee chairman reserves the right to add, divide or delete categories as deemed necessary in order to separate the entries into more practical grouping. 7. A miscellaneous category has been added. Any non-wood entry is not eligible for Best-in-Show.   
Location Woodcraft Store 9862 West Broad Street (Rt. 250) Richmond (Glen Allen), VA Phone: 804-355-3945